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Whether you’re looking for a grill, a firepit, or a fireplace, Napoelon has it all. Napoleon is rapidly expanding to become one of the most popular hearth and home brands in America. And if you like to grill, they have one of the widest selections of grills available, from tailgating models starting under $100, all the way up to customized modular outdoor kitchens. Their entry level gas grills come with a 10 year limited warranty, and limited lifetime warranty on their higher end built-in or freestanding grills. And then, depending on what you like to cook or grill, they have accessories for any kind of food you can think of, rotisserie baskets, stainless steel flat skewers, poultry sheers, griddles, smoking boxes, grill lights, grill gloves, grill covers, and over a 100 other complimentary products for anything you would like to grill, from steaks, to fish, to desserts, and pizzas. Napoleon Grills are built to last and if you are the kind of grilling enthusiast that likes to take good care of your things, there is no reason that you shouldn’t get at least 10 years of use out of your Napoleon grill. The most popular selling gas grill models range between $700-$1500, depending on what features you would like on your grill. Their charcoal grilling kettles are made of porcelain enameled coating making them very resistant to wear and tear from grilling or weather, and average around $300. If you add a Napoleon product to your household, vacation home, or tailgating setup, you will not be disappointed.

Some of the most popular Napoleon grill features:

-Aluminum body and housing great for all climates, resistant to rust and corrosion

-Infrared sear burner producing over 1000 degrees, great for Ahi tuna, burgers, and steaks

-Optional internal lights and grill handle lights, convenient for cooking at night time

-Hooks for hanging tools, and storage space for other accessories

-Safety red LED lights to let you know when a burner is on and the surface is hot

-Instant jet-fire ignition

-Grill covers for any model Napoleon makes

-Iconic wave shaped cooking grids, which puts signature looking grill marks on your food

-Locking swivel casters making it easy to move and transport your grill

-Great and friendly customer support when needed for technical reasons or replacing parts

Napoleon: Return Policy
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