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Blaze Grills

One of America's best grilling values

Blaze Grills is one of the best grill and outdoor kitchen values in America, fantastic construction, quality, and good performance at a very reasonable price. They offer 3 different grill lines the Prelude, The LTE, and Blaze Pro. The most popular selling grill line which is the LTE has red lights on the knobs and internal oven lights, making it easy to grill at night, 1 year limited warranty on the electronic components, and limited LIFETIME warranty on all other components. And if you decide to go for gold and step up to the Blaze Professional Grill Series, you’ll be buying one of the top performing grills in America, but for thousands of dollars less than other top rated competitors. One of the reasons that Blaze is such a popular grill in America is that the parts on gas grills that tend to wear down first such as the burners, grill liner, and flavorizer bars, are built-to-last with Blaze. So, if you show your Blaze grill a little cleaning, care, and maintenance, you probably won’t ever have to replace these parts. Because there is nothing more annoying than purchasing a new grill and within a few short years your grill parts are already starting to fall apart, break down, and rust. But if you invest in a Blaze charcoal or gas grill, you will be very pleased with the performance and longevity you get with your new grill. And if you like to one-stop-shop, Blaze Grills offers an entire product line of grilling accessories and outdoor kitchen components to complete your outdoor kitchen setup such as refrigeration, sinks, trash can, storage cabinets, grill covers, and many others. And because of their great pricing, if you want to, you can build a very nice outdoor kitchen package for under $5,000.

Blaze Grills: About Us
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