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Green Mountain Grills

And Why Pellets?

The pellets have landed!

People all across America are getting excited about grilling for the first time in their lives. And many seasoned grillers have found a convenient new way to grill and smoke, WOOD PELLETS. A pellet grill works just like a kitchen oven, using a thermostat to control the temperature, but the fuel source is not gas or electric coils. The fuel source is all-natural wood fired pellets, which come in a variety of flavors like maple, oak, hickory, or pecan. And pellet grilling makes every type of cooking easier, and better tasting, due to the wood fired flavor, and consistent temperature. It’s super simple to learn how to use a pellet grill. The lower the temperature, the more smoke you get. And when grilling around 300 degrees and above, you’ll get very little to no smoke. So, the sky is the limit for what you can cook, smoked Texas brisket, baked beer can chicken, grilled meatballs and Italian sausage, broiled turkey, wood fired oven apple pie, and artisan brick-oven-style-pizzas.

Why a Green Mountain Grill

There are probably about 10 different grill makers in the USA that offer a pellet grill under $1000. Of the pellet grills in this price range here is why I suggest a Green Mountain Grill. First of all, YOU GET SPACE! Green Mountain Grills has a unique “farmhouse style” shape and a hinge on the lid that allows you the ability to do very tall food, such as beer can turkey, or multiple pork butts. You can also purchase their very affordable expander shelves and turn your Green Mountain into a 2-story grill inside. Then after space it has FEATURES, hooks to hang grill tools, built in Wi-Fi to monitor temp from your phone, convenient side table for your cutting board, meat probes, car adapter power supply for tailgating, easy cleanout door for switching pellet flavors, ceramic igniter gets hotter faster than metal igniters, strong metal construction for consistent temperatures from 180 to 500 degrees, built to last, and a bumper to bumper limited warranty on all grill parts for 3 years.

The Green Mountain Grill does a great job on smoked meats and barbecue, but where I think the grill really shines is the grilling and searing. You come home from your gym workout, turn on your pellet grill and in about 15 minutes you’re making juicy grilled chicken to throw on a Caesar salad. Or you’re hosting Super Bowl Sunday, you can grill up 50 wings and a pizza side by side. Since the grill can reach over 500 degrees, your hamburger and chicken juices will sizzle and smoke, but then no grease splatter all over the kitchen, to clean up after you eat. Many pellet grill competitors charge you a separate fee for every feature you would like to add onto your grill. So, your $700 pellet grill you picked out at the big box store very quickly becomes a $1000 by the time you’re loading it up to take home. But Green Mountain Grills has the features already worked into the retail price and still manages to stay pretty competitive on their pricing.

The most popular selling model is the

 GMG LEDGE PRIME, at $899, which also includes a built-in oven light, optional rotisserie, usb charging port, bottle opener, viewing window on the lid and pellet hopper, towel bar, adjustable tool hooks, bottom storage shelf, quick and easy ash cleanout, and a heavy duty collapsible front shelf for cutting boards and grilling accessories.

Green Mountain Grills: Return Policy
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