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The Big Green Egg Grill

BGE Vs Other Grills

Skip the expensive steak houses and barbecue restaurants and just stay home with your Big Green Egg. The Big Green Egg is your all-in-one grill for a lifetime. With it’s huge temperature range from smoking to searing, and it’s unique ceramic design, the Big Green Egg Grill is the most versatile charcoal grill out there. And it’s rugged ceramic body can stand up to the elements, from snowing outside to desert climates! The hardest thing about cooking food in a charcoal grill is that they aren’t usually air tight between the grill and the lid. This lets in extra air, oxygen, and wind, which makes it harder to control the fire and easier to burn your food. But the Big Green Egg’s unique ceramic design eliminates this problem allowing you to effortlessly make juicy, smokey, succulent, food on your back porch. Anything you like to cook you can make it, from smoked brisket, to lobster tails, to artisan pizzeria pizzas next to your pool with an ice cold beer. The Large and XL Big Green Egg Grill are the 2 most popular sellers in San Antonio and Austin, Texas. And as an added bonus, your neighbors, friends, and family, will constantly be inviting themselves over after they taste the food you make on your Big Green Egg.


Why the Big Green Egg Mini-great for 1 to 2 person cooks, hunting or fishing by your self for the weekend

Why The Big Green Egg Mini Max-includes portable carrying cradle and big enough to smoke a pork shoulder, full size chicken, or make 13” artisan pizzas

Why The Big Green Egg Small-this is a popular grill with empty nesters that don’t entertain much, can fit about 5-6 hamburgers, and large enough to accommodate small briskets, ribs, or turkey

Why The Big Green Egg Medium-the medium grill can hold enough lump charcoal to smoke up to 10 hours and is a great grill for a family or household of 4 and entertaining up to about 10 people

Why The Big Green Egg Large-this is Big Green Egg’s top selling model, holding up to a 20 lb turkey, 16 lb briskets, or doing about 10 hamburgers at a time

The average customer who buys a Large spends around $1500 on a Big Green Egg package.

Why The Big Green Egg XL-this is the 2nd most popular model after the large Egg, great for indirect cooking and grilling at the same time, can cook up to 75 wings at a time, or do 2 full size Texas briskets at the same time

Why The Big Green Egg  XXL-the XXL Big Green Egg which is also known as the “Double X” is for very serious grilling and smoking, such as a rancher or farmer who is feeding 8-10 workers lunch every single day, or even restaurant owners, needing to smoke 50 lbs of prime rib, turkey, or lamb

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